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Affordable, fully guided online wellbeing and exercise videos

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Wellness & Fitness Hub

LRG On Demand gives easy access to an extensive library of exercise videos, tools, and expertise to guide employees through their wellness and fitness journey.

With only a Wifi connection required, get more of your workforce more active, more often, and give them the freedom and convenience to work out anywhere, anytime. Designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of people’s needs and requirements, LRG On Demand has something for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Online workout programmes allow your staff the freedom to manage their own schedule and move at their own pace.

Whilst workers in the UK are working harder and longer than ever before, it’s clearly taking a toll on their wellbeing; leading to productivity stagnating or falling, across virtually all business sectors. It’s now essential, more than ever, for organisations to step up and take a proactive approach to their employee’s wellbeing.

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LRG On Demand – an approachable solution to support your employees' well-being in a way that works for them.